Best Front-End Framework For Web Development In 2023

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5 min readFeb 20, 2023
Best Front end framework

Technologies are rapidly growing and in order to stay in the competitive era, businesses must be aware. Now we are in 2023, and in this article, we will get to know about the leading and best front-end framework for web development.

Also, being an experienced front-end development company in India and USA, we believe if applications are getting updated following the respective technology trend, their momentum never goes down. Moreover, if you change with time, people will keep liking you.

One more thing, we would like to share, technologies are updated keeping the user’s comfort in mind. This means, the updated version will always be more user-friendly, and being in the business domain, we always want the same.

Linearloop always keeps its eyes on the technology’s updation & and trains employees in the respective domain. So guys, let’s move towards the progressive front-end framework for web development.


React is one of the easier technologies to learn and explore. The framework is developed by Facebook and they constantly add new features in order to enhance the sustainability of the product.

We all know, React is an open source along with virtual DOM (Document Object Model).

The model enables developers to build applications with exceptional functionality. The framework is adaptable for those who have more user volume.

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Another promising framework that has gained attention is Angular. This is the one and only technology that works using Typescript. Google has developed the framework in order to fill the gap between technology in demand and conventional theories.

If we compare Angular with React, Angular works following a two-way data binding feature which means real-time synchronization. If developers update the model section, the changes will automatically be done in view.

Angular is the perfect choice if you are looking for enterprise-level mobile or web based applications. Moreover, one can use the same for progressive applications as well. Also, you can hire the best angular developers from Linearloop.


Vuejs is one of the best front-end frameworks for web development projects and it has gained popularity because of its simplicity and explicit approach. Moreover, the framework eliminates the scope of complexity and thus developers favor the technology.

Like Angular, Vuejs also works following two-way data binding. Furthermore, the two major elements that make the frontend framework so popular are visual DOM and component-based.

Vuejs is able to cater to all types of requirements whether it is simple web apps, dynamic web apps, or progressive applications. Some great tech giants of Vuejs are 9gag, Alibaba, and Xiaomi.

As we always follow trending technologies, hence we have experts in Vuejs as well.


Are you surprised that jQuery is also on the list? Why is it leading till now? Let us explain. The concept was introduced in the year 2006 and is one of the oldest front-end frameworks.

It still comes in the best practices because it saves effort by eliminating the need of writing large JavaScript codes.

Moreover, we have had great community support for the technology over the years. Basically, the job of jQuery is to update CSS and DOM so that all the functions along with interactions can be optimized for a website.

You must be thinking, the concept is not helpful for mobile applications but the boundaries of the framework have been extended.

Moreover, recent developments have given the ability to create native mobile applications.


The framework was founded in the year 2011 and it will also lead in the year 2023. With the two-way data binding feature, Emberjs is successfully handling the demand of modern technological aspects. Moreover, developers should use the framework if they are dealing with complex requirements to develop mobile and web applications.

As the technology is new, it has a small community but will grow gradually. Moreover, Emberjs is the fastest framework having proper documentation and a well-organized structure. But learning the concept is a bit challenging and if you have time, you must explore the concept.


Backbonejs is easy to learn that helps to develop single-page applications. Moreover, using this framework developers can run engines such as underscore.js and Moustache. MVC is the architecture of Backbonejs.

To use the front-end framework effectively, the developers should use tools like Handlebars, Chaplin, Thorax, and Marionette. Furthermore, if your requirement revolves around various users where the use of arrays is important, Backbonejs should be preferred.

One interesting thing about the framework, it can be used as a front-end as well as a back-end because of its compatibility with REST API. It offers effortless and seamless coordination between both panels.


Semantic-UI is the best frontend framework for web development in 2023. The technology is quite new but because of its approach, it has gained attention across the world. Functionality and usability are the two pillars that make the technology so famous and in demand.

The frontend framework is enriched with UI components. Moreover, Semantic-UI makes the code self-explanatory and hence developers prefer to work. Also, the learning curve is easier and hence if you are looking to learn something new, try the framework.


Foundation is the frontend framework that is suitable to develop enterprise-level applications. Zurb has developed the concept in order to develop agile websites. With Foundation, you get smoothly animated features that offer a unique look to your web applications.

It comes with GPU acceleration and swift mobile rendering features. Some great market players like eBay, Mozilla, and Microsoft are working using the concept.


Here comes another best frontend framework for web development projects which we call Svelte. It is the latest framework that works differently. It puts all the work in the compile step rather than the browser.

Moreover, it has better reactivity and a scalable framework. Svelte is lightweight and able to utilize existing JS libraries.


An alternative to React is Preact which is a lightweight front-end framework for web development projects 2023. Compared to React, it is quite smaller in size but provides the same features as React.

Being smaller in size, it quickly renders virtual DOM libraries. Moreover, if you are aware of React, you can easily work with Preact. Also, Preact has a thin compatibility layer known as preact-compact and it helps using the existing React packages.


We are a well-known front-end development company in USA and India and depending on our experience we have shared the best front-end framework.

The use of the framework is purely dependent upon the size and complexity of the project but we are sure all of them will play a smart role from small to large-scale projects.

Furthermore, practical knowledge is always required for the correct implementation of the framework. Keep learning and exploring the technology updates.

Also, if you have any queries or doubts, we are on our toes to assist you. Get the best front-end developer in India. Let’s chat and take the discussion further. We wish you a great time ahead!



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