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Linearloop’s Work Culture

Linearloop is one of the growing and well-known software development companies in India. Continuous hard work and companionship of extraordinary talents have given us this remarkable recognition across the globe.

Being a reliable IT company in Ahmedabad India, we always pay attention to discipline whether it is related to client service, product development, or employee management.

We know our employees are our biggest asset and hence we ensure to maintain a positive ambiance for them.

We firmly believe we can achieve success only when we have a strong team. Alone we can do good but together we can achieve the best. Hence we always strive hard to maintain a positive environment at the workplace.

Furthermore, we all are quite aware, positivity brings quality to the work and makes all execution effortless. At Linearloop we always create the best workplace to work in.

How does work culture impact a company’s success?

In the present era competition between software development companies are at its peak and there is a race of becoming the best. To acquire top positions, they put huge pressure on their employees.

Pressure is fine up to some extent but when it crosses its limit, the environment of the workplace becomes dirty.

Often we notice employees keep shifting their jobs and pressure is one of the biggest reasons. And when resources keep shifting their jobs, it impacts the projects because the new resource will take more time.

Ultimately project’s deadline is compromised and as a whole companies lose their reputation.

But we at Linearloop never put such pressure on our employees. We simply explain the importance of the project and follow a set timetable in order to complete the project on the committed time.

Also, if you will search for the best IT Company in Ahmadabad India, Linearloop will be one of them. We value our clients and we value our employees as well. To maintain the momentum of our team, we keep organizing various events and award ceremonies.

We also arrange outings and dinners for the teams as a token of appreciation. We have learned from our experience, if we value our employees, they will value our company. And we evidently feel the same at Linearloop.

Light work culture is harder to see nowadays because the majority of companies work under pressure.

We, as a company, feel, employees should have enough time for their families hence we prefer to work only during office hours. And we are passing the legacy to our fellow employees as well.

Our journey in the domain of software development started a few years ago only and we have achieved some magnificent milestones but we never push employees to work more than their caliber.

We have seen employees without pressure always perform better than those who work under pressure.

Additionally, we keep the environment light even when we have so much pressure from clients. We do some fun activities so that teams could be more focused and stress-free.

What are the factors that make the work culture negative?

Negative work culture affects the growth of a company along with the individual progress of an employee. There are various elements that give birth to the negative environment and those are:

Too much workload: if we put all the pressure on the employees, they get exhausted. Their mind doesn’t work properly and they spoil things. As pressure transfers hierarchically, so from manager to intern, everybody is disturbed. And such an environment can never be good to work in.

Internal politics: All professionals must be aware of the term “office politics”. It also ruins the work culture of a company. One should always stay away from dirty politics and focus on their goal only.

Favoritism: Favor should always be given to someone who deserves it. Some companies do favoritism for the sake of their personal advantage. And as a result, the overall environment becomes negative and no one wants to work in such a zone.

How does Linearloop maintain a positive workplace?

Linearloop is known for its smart and hard work both. We do care for our employees along with the projects and clients. We believe we are nothing without our employees. Hence we always take good care of ourselves.

Things that keep us in the list of best work culture companies in the world are as mentioned:

No unwanted pressure: We have enough team members that make all our executions effortless. Moreover, when any urgency comes, we all work as a single unit and deliver the project on the committed time. Furthermore, a timetable is made at the start of any project and we follow the same seriously.

Regular training: To keep our team updated with the ongoing and upcoming technologies, we keep organizing training programs where experts come to train our team members. And when any project project is assigned, less time is required for the research work. As a result, the team works freely and happily.

Extra activities: To keep the morale of the employees higher, we perform some extra activities on a weekly and monthly basis. The activities are majorly in the form of games, acting, singing, etc. These small activities refresh the employee’s minds and make the environment positive.

Dedicated Celebrations: Each of our employees is valuable for us and hence we never leave an opportunity to make their special days extra special and memorable. We celebrate their b’days with great enthusiasm.

Festive Celebrations: Apart from that, we celebrate all the festivals like Holi, Deepawali, Christmas, New Year, etc in our premises as well because we are a family. Regular celebrations keep team motivated and protect them from all negativity. As a result, we get a better place to work and grow.

Holi Celebration
Diwali Celebration

Token of appreciation: We love challenges and when any complex project comes, we never look behind. Our team put in all the effort for the success of such projects. By the grace of God, we never fail in delivering challenging projects.

For those who make the project successful, we take them for lunch or dinner as a token of appreciation. Linearloop also offers employee of the month awards that push employees to work beyond their limits. As a result, we get a good and competitive workplace to work in.

Handsome salary: Linearloop never compromises the success of an employee. We offer a deserving salary to all the working members from top to bottom. It keeps the employee’s mind and the company’s environment positive and result-driven.

Timely promotions: Along with mental care, employees want financial support as well. Hence Linearloop offers regular promotions to its employees depending on their output. Promotions are independent of the time period. Those who deserve, they get it instantly.

Trip: We keep organizing trips for our employees. Freshness is always needed in order to boost their performance hence every year we take them for memorable outings. And we have packed our bags for 2023 and ready to go on trip in some days.

Linearloop Trip 2021
Linearloop trip 2022


So these parameters are the pillars that make our workplace positive and happy. Being an experienced IT company in Ahmedabad Gujarat, we always emphasize on positive work culture. It accelerates the growth of the company along with the individual growth of an employee.

Also, if you are looking to work in the best work culture company in Gujarat India, Linearloop should be your first choice. Apply now and get a chance to work with the best software development company across the globe.

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