Flutter 3 Released: Top New Features and Updates You Need to Know

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Flutter 3

Do you know, that now we have new features and updates in Flutter 3? Flutter developers must pay attention to it. Moreover, we are also a Flutter development company in India and USA and hence we are here to let the world know about the release of Flutter 3.

Basically, we all know Flutter has brought a revolution to the mobile application development world. The tasks of developers became easier with the technology

What is Flutter?

In May 2017, the concept of Flutter was launched. Most of us already know that Flutter is a framework offered by Google and is used to build cross-platform mobile applications. In the present scenario, more than 5 lakhs applications are developed using the technology.

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This is an open-source UI software development kit built and maintained by Google itself. Also, we must agree that with the evolution of Flutter technology, developers start delivering better and more innovative user interfaces.

Leading business giants like eBay, Groupon, BMW, ByteDance, Betterment, Nubank, Square, Brazil Government, etc have adopted Flutter technology. The technology gives the flexibility to develop native applications for various platforms.

This is the basic information about Flutter. As we know, technology upgrades with time and the same go here. Now we have flutter 3 and being a Flutter app development company in India, we must share those updates in order to keep you aware.

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So let’s explore what are the new features and updates in Flutter 3. And if you have any doubt at any point in time, feel free to contact us.

What is new in Flutter 3?

Like always, Google has brought excellent updates in Flutter 3 that will not only ease the job of a developer but also enhance the compatibility of the application. Now, developers will have the flexibility to formulate their experience on 6 other platforms using the single codebase.

The feature saves lots of coding effort that can be put into bringing agile ideas for the development of the organization. If you are a Flutter app developer, you must know, that the previous version of flutter offers Android and iOS app development along with support for web & windows.

Now Flutter 3 is here with a step ahead of it. Developers will get support for Linux and macOS applications as well. The intent behind this feature is to make applications compatible with the maximum possible operating systems by maintaining the UI.

Flutter 3 is also available with Firebase integration, Casual game kits, Dart 2.17, etc. We will study all of them one by one.

But let’s have a look at the features available in Flutter 3:

  • Firebase Crashlytics
  • Support for macOS & Linux
  • Dart 2.17
  • Casual Games Toolkit
  • Improved Performance
  • Web App LifeCycles
  • Material You Support
  • Foldable Mobile Support
  • All Desktop Platforms Accessibility

Firebase Crashlytics

As the name says, Firebase Crashlytics in Flutter 3 is a lightweight and real-time crash reporter. It facilitates catching fatal errors. Details of “crashes” & “analytics” can be collected through the feature.

Further, the QA process becomes more reliable because here one can identify, prioritize and solve errors. All these can be handled through a simple Flutter Crashlytics Plugin.

Support for macOS & Linux

So far, Flutter offers the development of mobile applications (Android & iOS) with web & windows support. Now Flutter 3 has brought the exciting news that developers will now get support for macOS and Linux applications as well.

Dart 2.17

Game developers will be happier after knowing about Dart 2.17. The feature has been added exclusively for the game developers.

Flutter 3 offers a Casual Game Toolkit that contains a kit of templates and guidelines to make your gaming application extraordinary. Gaming developers can now take advantage of hardware-driven graphics for the development of applications.

Improved Performance

There are some noticeable enhancements added in Flutter 3 for productivity. Some of them are:

  • Enhanced opacity animations in simple cases.
  • Android devices enabled with partial repaint.
  • Increased average frame creation time
  • Powerful raster cache admission policy

So flutter 3 is enriched with these features as a result of which the overall performance of the application increases.

Web App LifeCycles

To manage and control the bootstrap process of the Flutter-based applications, a new web app lifecycle API has been introduced. It includes the features of Loading Indicator, Splash Screen, and HTML Landing Page.

Firebase Integration

As per the research & studies, approximately 62% of Flutter developers build their applications through Firebase integration. Basically, Firebase is a Backend-as-a-Service (Baas) that facilitates the hosting of backend services of an application.

Seeing the vast use of Firebase, Flutter 3 has extended the support for the same as a first-class integration. Now developers will get better support, documentation, tools, widgets, etc.

Material You Support

Google has launched this new concept “Material You” for a unified design language. It has been explained as a “radical new way to think about design”. It revolves more around personalized design concepts.

Flutter 3 offers excellent color schemes along with dynamic visual elements. Material Design 3 is the pro version of Material Design that surely enhances the grace and User Interface.

Foldable Mobile Support

Collaboration is made with Microsoft as a result of which Flutter 3 is compatible with foldable mobile devices as well. Now the end result will be more productive and result-driven


So, guys, these are some dynamic features of Flutter 3. Being a leading Flutter 3 Development Service Provider in India and USA, we always aim to upgrade with the technology.

Hence we have started working on Flutter 3 and so many projects are ready to launch. If you are also searching for Flutter 3 developers in India and USA, Linearloop is your exclusive service partner.

Moreover, if you have any doubt about the topic, shoot your queries now. We are always eager to assist you using the best of our knowledge. Also, let’s meet for your next Mobile Application Development Project.



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