How to Hire an App Developer for your Business?

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5 min readJul 7, 2022
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Hiring the right resource is one of the major challenges across the industry. And when you are a startup the problem becomes more serious. We know about the job crisis but still, we are not able to find a suitable team.

Our research team has analyzed, that more than 45% of IT companies are struggling to enroll the right mobile application developers in India. We are a leading mobile app development company in India and we have faced those challenges as well.

What are the various challenges that come during the hiring of application developers?

Not only application developers, but the same problems are faced during any hiring. And these challenges make us unable to get the right talent for the businesses.


As we know, the HR (Human Resource) department is given a dedicated budget for the resource depending upon the experience. Lots of time, that budget becomes low when we listen to the expectation of the deserving candidates.

Being under the pressure from management, HR has to find someone else and in this way, a good candidate is missed.

Cultural difference:

Sometimes, the working environment affects the hiring. As we know, each company has its own work ethics, conditions and environment and candidates do not find themselves accommodated in the new environment.

Communication Gap:

Under the pressure of hiring, HR hires anyone without cross-verifying the exact need of the company. As we know, application development has lots of sections and technologies. So firstly the hiring manager should know the requirement accurately and then go for the hiring.

Encapsulating all the challenges, we have made some result-oriented guidelines that will help you find the right team for your company. The blog is specifically for the hiring of mobile application developers in India.

Mobile applications are being developed aggressively across the world. As a result, demand for a mobile application developer is always high. At Linearloop, we have experienced developers who are well versed with the latest app development concepts.

By being in the industry for so many years, we have seen companies struggling for quality developers. Even by paying higher salaries, they are not getting the expected output. And on the other, many excellent developers are not getting the right platform to show their talent.

Our blog will help the mobile app development companies in India to hire the right application developers for their companies. Hence if you are searching for how to hire an app developer, read out the entire blog. The blog contains all the possible elements that help you hire the right application developers in India.

We are also a business group and we know our resources should be profit-driven. Hence we have brought some exclusive formulas for the hiring of mobile application developers in India. Now you are not required to worry, because we have talents but we are not able to recognize them.

Further, Flutter a mobile app development technology is in great demand. Our content will help you to hire flutter developers in India.

What should you consider while hiring a mobile application developer?

Examine the past work:

If you are looking to hire an application developer for a senior position, always analyze their experience by seeing their portfolio. The portfolio explains the quality of work delivered by the candidate.

And if you are hiring a newbie, check their college project. Browse all the features developed by the candidate. Make sure, that which portion of the project is managed by them solely. Depending upon their performance, take them for the next round of the interview.

Verify client’s feedback on their project:

Once you have seen their past projects, verify the feedback of the client in the form of a testimonial. Also, analyze the originality of the testimonial.

We know, that clients always give genuine feedback and this will help you find the right resource for application development projects.

Find their development methodologies: During the first round of their technical interview, try to find out the way they follow the development mythologies. A good developer always follows the standard and smartest way to develop a mobile application.

Find their development methodologies:

During the first round of their technical interview, try to find out the way they follow the development mythologies. A good developer always follows the standard and smartest way to develop a mobile application.

Hold on to the technology:

Along with development methodologies, don’t forget to check the technology followed by them. As we know, technology is growing rapidly and every time we need to choose them depending on the demand of the project.

Hence with their selection of technology, you will be able to get an idea about their hold on that mobile application technology.

Analyze their communication skill:

Communication is one of the most important things that a candidate must have. No one can work in an IT company without proper communication. Hence during the interview, let’s speak to them.

Judge them as per the company’s expectation:

As you are taking the interview, you must know the accurate demand for the profile. Always ask questions keeping the company’s requirements in mind. For example, if you need an expert for flutter, judge the performance on the basis of flutter not native.

Hence the interview should be centralized around the need of the company; otherwise, you will hire the wrong person.

Set the budget:

Budget is the main constraint of any business. Hence while hiring an application developer in India, we should bifurcate the budget into certain slabs. Sometimes, companies cross their allocated budget bar for the candidate, even if they did not the required output.

So, this should not be the case with you. Always follow your allocated budget strictly so that the candidate should not be a burden to the company.

We hope you will like our research work on how to hire an app developer for your business.

Guys, these are some thumb rules that you must follow to hire mobile application developers in India. So follow the concept and make your business profit-driven, smooth, and excelled.

Linearloop is one of the top mobile application development companies in India and here we have the best developers. Even for flutter, hire flutter developers in India exclusively from our company. Apart from that, if you have any queries regarding the blog, feel free to connect.



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