The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Product Design vs UX Design

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5 min readMar 31, 2023
UX Design vs Product Design

Without design, the software development companies cannot start the development process, and we cannot deny this fact. Also, we know digitalization is at its peak, and because of this, the demands for digital designs are also increasing rapidly.

As an experienced software product development company in India, we have seen people debating on the approach of Product design and UX design.

Across the IT industry, so many people consider both of them similar. Fundamentally UX design and Product Design are working following a distinguished approach.

We know some of the elements are common in product design and UX design but both have their own goals and objectives in each project.

Moreover, design is the only element that creates a first impression, as a result of which audiences come to your platform. So businesses cannot afford to lose their user base by ignoring the designing part. So, correct knowledge about them is important.

In the coming section, we have explained Product Design Vs. UX design and it will keep you unmistakable during building any product One more thing, design is something with which no one can compromise.

Hence always make sure, the implementation should be as approved by clients.

There are various parameters based on which the comparison is made. Considering each of them, we will collect all the relevant information about Product design and UX design. We know lots of people consider them the same, but you are making mistakes.

What is UX Design?

Whenever the product development process starts, the primary job of UX design is to maintain the user’s satisfaction. The ultimate aim of a UX designer is to design unique screens or web pages so that development could get initiated.

Being an experienced UX designer in India you must be knowing the value of UX designing and how it helps the development process. Linearloop is a renowned UX design company in India & USA and if you need any kind of support please let us know.

What is Product Design?

Product design refers to the design of the entire product. Along with designing, the method also includes market study and market analysis. The aim is to keep the focus on the competitive products in the market.

Designers do their best to make the designs as per the market standards. Sometimes design misses important messages or approaches.

In such cases, solutions are drawn and required changes are made. Leading product design companies in USA and India always pay attention to designing and marketing.

How is UX design different from Product Design?

Technical terms may look similar but once we go to the fundamentals, we will get to know the significant differences. And in order to bring perfection to our web and mobile applications, we must be aware of it.

Linearloop has been in the industry for more than a decade and using our best knowledge we will elaborate on the various elements in which we will find the approaches of both designing techniques.

Also being your trustworthy product design company in India we should keep you informed.

Method of Designing:

UX designing is focused on building an outstanding interface following the business theme. The overall goal is to develop an appealing UI with an eye-catchy look and feel.

Designers pay attention to the product’s usability and its authentic optimization. They hope to get the maximum possible attention on the product.

While, the Product Design is focused to the entire design of the product. Furthermore, the method gives each minute and specific detail of each part of the design.

All the enhancements are made by keeping the entire picture of the product in mind. Moreover, market analysis is also considered in product design.

Designing Tools:

Technically, UX design and Product design, both use the same tools and prototypes. Their dependencies are the same when it comes to designing tools.

By using common technical tools, their foundation is quite different. UX design used wireframes and testing tools in order to initiate the designing job. And Product design initiates the job by using mind-mapping elements and sketches.


UX design is all about gaining more user attention, usability, and user satisfaction. The feedback from the users is taken on priority and resolved quickly.

At Linearloop we have experienced UX designers in India and USA, you can connect with us if required. Whenever any web or mobile application is designed, UX designers play a significant role. So don’t compromise when it comes to the best.

The product design process keeps their eyes on the overall designed product. It emphasizes more on the business requirement, vision, and goal. Also, we have world’s renowned product designers on our team so we can help you with that as well.

Moreover, product design is focused on achieving business targets as compared to UX design. Hence we can say, the responsibilities of both design methods are significantly different.

Can a UX Designer work as a Product Designer?

By reading the above content, you must have understood that technical knowledge and tools are the same in UX design and Product design. Hence the required qualification for both designing methods is the same. Mind mapping and thought process is the key difference.

Hence the required qualification for UX design and Product design is the same. Are you looking how to become a Product designer or UX designer? Here are the eligibility criteria:

  • Specialization In Design Along With a Degree
  • Working Experience
  • Practical Knowledge Of Designing Tools
  • Creativity and Thought Process


We hope the blog has explained the approach of UX design and Product Design. See, designing is a common process but the intention behind both approaches is different. They are common up-to some extent but their foundation and purpose are different.

Also, the salary of UX designers is quite different from the salary of Product designers. In the IT industry, competition is at its peak and you must have accurate knowledge about the leading technologies.

Further, if you have any doubts or queries feel free to write to us. Our team will connect quickly and help you. We will be looking towards your response. Stay healthy and stay happy!



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