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5 min readFeb 22, 2023
Flutter development tools

Linearloop is a top mobile app development company and here we always strive hard to make all the execution in the recent technology only. Moreover, we always keep marketing trends and people’s choices in mind while developing your application.

We all are living in a mobile-driven era as a result of which mobile applications became the need of time. Businesses are constantly putting efforts to make their products available via applications so that they could be accessible to the majority of users.

Flutter is the recent mobile app development technology that has given a new perspective to the entire domain.

Also seeing the performance and response of the technology, we can bet on it. The concept is going to rule for the next five years for sure because of its potential.

Moreover, the Flutter community is growing rapidly and as per the analysis, 40% of developers prefer Flutter in order to develop cross-platform applications.

So being an experienced mobile app development company in USA we are here with the top flutter development tools for developers.

Furthermore, Linearloop has delivered lots of flutter-based projects across the globe and if you are looking to hire flutter app developers in USA let’s take the discussion to the next level.

Let’s Explore Flutter

Flutter is an open-source mobile-based framework, founded by Google in the year 2017. It supports the development of cross-platform mobile applications for Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and the web through a single codebase and programming language.

Moreover, Flutter also facilitates an interactive user interface and this is the reason developers prefer working with the technology. If you are the one who needs an interactive application for your businesses, you can hire flutter developers exclusively from Linearloop.

Best Flutter Development Tools in 2023

The era is too competitive and we can’t compromise below “the best”. Hence to enhance the credibility of your business application, we are here with the leading flutter app development tools 2023.

1. Android Studio

Android Studio is one of the tools that have a dedicated development environment for Android applications. Also, all the recent SDKs, Emulators, and AVDs ( Android Virtual Devices) are very well supported here.

Developers should prefer Android Studio if they have to build marketing applications. Simply one can write the code and execute it over any of the devices like a computer, mobile, tablet, etc.

One more thing, Android Studio is favored because it provides faster applications with an interactive layout. Also comes with integrated Firebase remote build support. Some leading market players like Audible Inc, Meta Co., and JPMorgan Chase are using the technology.

2. Visual Studio Code

Another leading flutter app development tool is Visual Studio Code which is free. It is an open-source code editor used to develop applications for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Moreover, Visual Studio Code is available with in-built support for famous frameworks of the era.

To enhance the productivity and output of the applications the tool has lots of features and third-party extensions. One can leverage the advantage to develop appealing and interactive business applications.

Moreover, developers like the tool because it offers end-to-end customization as per the project’s requirements. It has configurable color schemes along with customized sidebars. Also, the lightweight feature makes it favorable for developers.

Aberdeen Group and CRED are actively using Visual Studio Code for their Flutter mobile applications.

3. Flutter SDK

To develop premium native applications Flutter SDK is used. It is open-source and available free of cost. By implementing Flutter SDK, developers can expect quality-driven iOS & Android applications. The technology behind Flutter SDK is Dart.

Furthermore, the tool enables developers to visualize all the changes done in the code immediately through its hot-reload function.

Also, the updated widget system offers an attractive and native feel. You will also be able to experience animation and transition between the various screens of the app.

Leading businesses like Appflowy and Clickup are developed using Flutter SDK. You can also experience such beautiful applications with the help of our developers. Hire a flutter app development company in USA & India which is none other than Linearloop.

4. Dartpad

For those who have just started their career as a Flutter app developer, Dartpad is the most convenient option for you. Like others, it is also free open-source that offers a simulator, debugger, and code editor.

Furthermore, it doesn’t bind you to any limits of development. The tool is available for end-to-end customization where you can install plugins and update themes. Also, with any device, developers can run iOS applications on an iOS simulator in order to test the application.

It automatically tracks your score while it’s calculating averages and percentages. Copy and paste expressions in Dartpad into your favorite IDE or editor.

Google works using Dartpad and from here you can understand the worth of this flutter app development tool.

5. Firebase

If our application needs real-time data synchronization, Firebase is a must. It facilitates the synchronization of data along with communication amongst iOS, macOS, web applications, and Android.

With Firebase, developers get cloud services that make their development fast and secure. So to develop a flutter application with real-time updates and data integration, go with Firebase. Here you will also get a section on crash reporting and analytics.

Firebase is a mobile and web application development platform that provides real-time data synchronization and messaging between Android, iOS, macOS, Unity, and web apps.

It offers a cloud service with various tools to develop applications. The Firebase SDKs are used for accessing the Firebase services from different programming languages like Java, Objective C/Swift/Cocoa Touch frameworks on Android devices.

Leading businesses like Instacart and Twitch are working on Firebase. Also being an experienced mobile app development company, we suggest following the technology if your requirement has real-time data updation.


Here we have mentioned the leading tools for flutter app development 2023. Our horizon is not limited to India only, we are well established in USA also.

So if you are still running your fingers for a mobile app development company in USA, we are your constant service partner.

Moreover, you can also hire mobile app developers in USA. Our team reads the requirement document end to end and discusses all the pros and cons at the start of the project only.

So, guys, we hope you got the idea now. Let us know if you have any queries regarding the blog. Have a great time ahead. Keep browsing!



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