What is Augmented Reality (AR) and How Does It Work?

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5 min readAug 23, 2022
Augmented Reality

The quality of data that we receive in today’s scenario is much more reliable, analyzed, and potentially rich than ever before. Also, in the shortest time, we are getting the right information. Do you know about the tech concept behind such fast processing of information?

Today, we will study the concept of AR (Augmented Reality) which has facilitated detailed information and makes the decision-making process easy. Further, technology is the most prominent way to fill the gap between the physical and digital world.

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AR is being used at a large scale across industries. We all have seen online business demonstrations, fixes of machines online, digital surgeries, etc. If we say the era is surrounded by the concept of Augmented Reality, it will not be wrong.

Because of the foundation of Augmented Reality, the world is now able to visualize 3D images, analyze virtual elements and build its own digital environment. This means without physically visiting the place, you can have a complete idea about it.

We deal with Augmented Reality examples almost on daily basis. Let’s take one.

Previously people were not much interested in buying products online because they did not understand them properly. But with the arrival of AR, shopkeepers demonstrate their products completely and thus the online shopping market has increased exponentially.

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Now, let’s move toward the detailed information about AR and how Augmented Reality works. If you are looking to become an Augmented Reality developer, our blog will help. No one can deny the fact, that AR has given a new thought and impact on our lives.

What is Augmented Reality?

Do you know the definition of AR?

Basically, AR is a technology that facilitates digitally generated 3D objects to be visualized in the real world, with the help of AR-based devices. The AR environment allows the display of real objects on the screen so that the other party could visualize the real existence of the object in the virtual environment.

Augmented Reality Example:

For example, you are living in New Delhi and looking for property in Ahmadabad. Now, it is not possible to physically check all the available options.

In such cases, dealers show the property through video calling where you can have a look at all the areas. Moreover, you will be able to make a faster decision.

How does Augmented Reality (AR) work?

Those who are looking to make their career in Augmented Reality must know its working process. The projection of AR can be visualized on various devices including screens, smart phones, headsets, etc.

There are various elements that participate in the concept of Augmented Reality. They are Light Sensors, Gyroscopes, Accelerometers, Cameras, and Depth Sensors. To display the right set of information, AR makes use of all these elements and calculates the speed of the motion, direction, angle, distance to the object, orientation, etc.

Afterward, the data is collected and displayed in a real-time environment so that the user can connect it completely. The ultimate aim behind the concept of AR is to offer a real-time experience in a virtual environment.

Detailed information about the components of AR:

We have seen the various components of AR and in order to relate its working process completely, we must understand each of the components specifically.

Also, being an experienced AR-based company in India, we always emphasize fundamentals. If your foundation is strong, you will be able to build dynamic products.

Sensors: In order to understand the environment appropriately, AR depends on Sensors. The combination of Gyroscopes, Accelerometer, and GPS is used to figure out the accurate orientation of the location along with the facing direction.

After analyzing the required data, AR imposes the digital content and makes all the arrangements possible. We all are experiencing video calls almost on a daily basis but it is not as simple as that. Huge logic and set-ups are working behind it. And without sensors, AR can’t work.

Algorithms: Algorithms are the essential part of Augmented Reality that helps to map the physical world with the digital environment. Further, the elements are placed in the digital environment following the algorithms only.

Apart from that, as we know technologies are constantly changing and hence algorithms are updated accordingly. So if we say, algorithms supply power to the AR environment, it will not be wrong.

Output Devices: As the name says, output devices help to generate results. The common output device used in AR is HMD (Head-Mounted Display).

Furthermore, a lightweight output device is used in AR technology so that it could deliver high-resolution images and videos.

What is Augmented Reality Vs. Virtual Reality?

As we have studied above, the concept of AR revolves around addition of digital elements to a live view and it is often performed using camera & smart phones.

Whereas, VR (Virtual Reality) offers immersive feel by replacing the real world because it encompasses the entire environmental simulation. The real world of the users is replaced with the virtual elements.


So guys, we hope you have understood what Augmented Reality is. How does Augmented Reality work? We are an experienced custom software development company in India & USA Based on our years of experience; we have mentioned the base of the concept.

Furthermore, if you are looking to become an AR developer in India, start studying the concept practically. It will not only boost your knowledge but also provide a sense of confidence. If you have doubts, feel free to connect.

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