What Is React JS & Why To Use It?

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Linearloop is a renowned React JS development company in India & USA. We have developed lots of applications using the technology that is running successfully across the globe. Today will discuss what is ReactJS and why to use it.

Being a technology-driven company we always emphasize the latest approach because they are introduced for our comfort. Apart from that, we are technology believers and we prefer to keep upgrading our skillsets as per the need.

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Now let’s move our focus toward the concept of React JS. We are mentioning everything that you should know about React JS. Also, if any doubt comes at any stage feel free to connect. We are for you only.

What is React JS

React JS came into existence in the year 2013 and has facilitated the provision of development an interactive fast and robust web applications. Previously the technology was used for the rendering of views in mobile and web applications.

Basically, it is a JS-based library run by Facebook and the community of open-source developers. In spite of being a library, the technology is heavily used for the development of web-based applications.

Along with this, it also offered the services of building independent reusable components. The reusable components are separate from each other and hence one module’s feature does not affect the other.

The concept of virtual DOM is brought by React which further allows developers, the implementation of SSR without updating the entire view every time. The provision has eased the life of developers by saving time and effort.

Features of React JS


With the foundation of React JS, creating amazing and interactive UIs becomes easy. Without putting much effort one can easily develop an interactive user interface. Also, each state of an application can be designed with simple views that are further updated by React.

Another favored thing about React is the rendering of the right components on change of data. The feature is very useful for the developers because whole view updation is not required again and again. Also, with declarative views, developers can predict and debug the code easily.


Reactjs is component-based that enables the management of its own state, afterward composing them to build complex user interfaces. This is the reason, we say, Reactjs helps build complex UIs in a simpler way. Do you know the logic behind the same?

The logic of the components is in JavaScript and no template is being involved. With JS code, developers/designers have the flexibility to pass rich data via the application and they can keep the state out of the DOM.

Hence with React js complex UI development is not a big deal. And we should not be surprised by the popularity of the technology.

One Time Learning:

With React we get the flexibility of writing new features following the existing code. Developers are not required to bother with the rewriting of the existing code. Apart from that, rendering can be done on the servers with Node.

Why should you use React JS?

The popularity of React JS is not hidden in the technology world. Also, with dynamic and exceptional features, the technology deserves to be the best. Here we are mentioning the reasons for which one should prefer working with React js.

Building Dynamic Applications is Easy: With React, developers have the flexibility to develop web-based applications more significantly. The technology offers more functions in less coding.

Overall Enhanced Performance: With the availability of Virtual DOM, developers have the flexibility to develop applications quickly. This is because virtual DOM only updates unique items in the Real DOM after comparing the previous states.

Components Reusability: The coding world becomes more comfortable when developers have the option to implement the reusable component. And React js offers components reusability.

As we know multiple components are used in an application and when we get an opportunity to reuse them, it saves lots of development effort.

Unidirectional Flow: React js works on the concept of unidirectional flow of data. It means coders will have the flexibility to encapsulate child and parent components. Further with a unidirectional flow of the data, bug inspection becomes easy.

Easy to learn: The technology is in great demand and one can learn it easily. The logic revolves around basic HTML and JS. Hence, by investing the least time, you can learn and earn more.

Supports web and mobile apps: We know the rate of competition is increasing rapidly and when React.js is a technology that saves time. It allows the building of web as well as mobile applications.

Why is React Better Than Angular?

See, technologies are made for the comfort of users and whenever something is launched in a similar domain their comparison is obvious. Angular.js and React.js both are important and have their own significance under various scenarios.

With the implementation of virtual DOM and rendering features, React.js gets preference over Angular.js.

FAQs related to React JS?

  1. Why should you use React.js for web development?

Ans: Reactjs offers fast development of web applications because of Virtual DOM. Hence one should go with React.js if the deadline of your project is too fast.

2. Can I build a mobile application in React?

Ans: Reactjs offers fast development of web applications because of Virtual DOM. Hence one should go with React.js if the deadline of your project is too fast.

3. What are the features of React?

Ans: Exceptional features of React are Components, JSX, Virtual DOM, Unidirectional Data Flow, and Enhanced Performance.

4. Why should I prefer to React over Angular & Vue?

Ans: React offers fast and easy development of applications along with quick debugging. It also offers the implementation of reusable components.


So, guys, this is all about Reactjs and its features. Linearloop offers to react js development services in India and USA hence if you are looking to hire React js developers, we are your exclusive service partner.

Further, regarding React js, if you have any concerns or queries, shoot them now. Our experts will attend to them on priority and offer you a quick solution.



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