What is React-Redux and Why it is used?

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5 min readFeb 28, 2022
What is React-Redux?

Today we will discuss react-redux and its use in web development projects. Also, Linearloop is a prominent React JS web development company in India & USA, and we have prepared the content by collecting our years of experience.

Technology is constantly evolving, and we need to upgrade with it. Because of this reason, we always keep developers aware through our blogs.

So, guys, if you are looking to know what is the use of redux in react and how does redux works, this article will be worthy.

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What is react-redux?

Let’s elaborate on react first. Developers working in react technology must know that it is a component-based front-end library tool. Further react helps connect distinct segments of a web page.

The terminology “props” is used in the component through which non-static variables are accessed. Props help, pass those variables to other child components from the parent.

Also, with the implementation of React, an attractive UI becomes obvious. Also, for each state of an application, it renders and updates accurate components, as and when the data updates.

Further, with the declarative views, the code becomes more predictable and simpler for debugging.

Now, coming to redux, it is a state management tool for the applications developed in JavaScript. Basically, redux is storage, or you can say cache, and all components access it in an organized way. The access is done via Actions & Reducer.

Furthermore, redux acts as a store that contains the state of all the variables used in an application, and it also builds the process for the interaction with the store. Hence it prohibits components from the random update and read.

You can understand it with an example. Almost all of us have some deposits in banks, but in order to access that money, we need to follow the protocol. The same case is here.

Redux is frequently used with react and is compatible with other technologies like Preact, Vue, Angular, etc. As we know, Redux and React are used together a lot, but you must know they do not have dependencies.

How does redux work?

As we have stated above, the key role of redux revolves around Store, Action, Reducers & Subscriptions.

  • Initial State: At this stage, all the To-dos lists are placed.
  • Dispatches/Actions: Here, we need to perform “Action to Dispatch” to the Reducer.
  • Reducer: Now comes the role of reducer, and it will decide what to do with the given actions.

It is the core functioning of redux, and now we will focus on what is redux in react. As we have explained above, react applications hold various components, with the state of other components.

And, it becomes challenging to decide where to place the state among these components where their maintenance could be easier. To eliminate the issue, react-redux comes, and it offers a dedicated store and state that resides inside the components, and here, the maintenance is quick & simple.

Apart from that, actions and reducers are also introduced. And they work in synchronization of the stores that further enhance the predictability of the state.

What is the use of redux in react?

With the implementation of redux in react, the application becomes more interactive, innovative, and productive. Further, the development time is fast here. Let’s discuss the advantages of using redux in react:

1. React-redux offers centralized state management:

With the concept of “Store” the technology delivers controlled and centralized management. Further, redux is very strict for the codes to be structured. And the organized code makes maintenance and management effortless.

Moreover, it also helps in the segregation of the business logic from the component tree. Components of the whole application get quick accessibility of the data. With the evolution of react-redux, the component can easily get the state it needs.

2. Performance:

When a component updates, react re-renders it by default. Under a specific scenario, when the data of the component is not updated, this re-rendering becomes useless.

And Redux store skips such non-required re-renders and improves the overall performance. Further, it also assures the component will only be re-rendered when the data changes in the actual.

3. Long-term data storage:

In redux, data resides on the page until it is refreshed. Hence utilizing this feature, the concept is widely being used for the storage of long-term data that is needed when the end-users are navigating the applications.

Furthermore, react is the best option to store short-term data that changes frequently. Hence react-redux brings performance optimization and increases the overall productivity of an application.

4. Fast Debugging:

Being a react developer, you may be aware that tracking the state of an application while debugging is a challenging process. And with the contribution of redux, debugging becomes easier.

As we know, redux represents the whole state of an application hence facilitating the best for time travel debugging. Moreover, it is capable of sending the entire bug report to the server as well.

5. Superior community support:

Redux holds a vast range of communities and thus offers great support. One can easily get to know about the best practices of redux-react along with quick support while coding.

Further, here numerous ranges of extensions are available through which the code logic can be more simplified, and as a result, performance enhances.


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