What Is the ROI of PWA (Progressive Web Apps)?


What is a Progressive Web Application?

The technical aspect of PWA

  1. Secure contexts (HTTPS): Secure network is essential to go for PWA. If you implement a secure network it maintains trust in the public. And if transaction processes are involved, implementation of HTTPS is mandatory.
  2. More than one or at least one Service Workers: To control the process of network request and asset caching, a Service Worker is important. It allows developers to create reliable web pages quickly and also offers an environment to work offline.
  3. Manifest File: In order to generate an app-driven platform, a manifest file is important. The JSON file controls the appearance of the application and enables it to look like a native mobile application. Also, it has a URL, icons, and other required details of the application.

Why do users prefer Progressive Web Applications?

  • Twitter Lite
  • Uber
  • Flipboard
  • eBay
  • Pinterest

The ROI of PWA

Enhanced Business Visibility:

More Business Revenue

How can PWA increase your business ROI?

Benefits of PWAs

Quick Resolution

  • Increased size of the application
  • Data storage problem
  • Low internet connectivity
  • Frequently updations

Increased client engagement:

PWA works in offline mode

PWA acts as a Native Application

No need for app stores:




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