What Is the ROI of PWA (Progressive Web Apps)?

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What is a Progressive Web Application?

As we all know, the world is acquired by emerging technologies, and PWA delivers an experience of native mobile application by being a web application.

Also, one can understand it as a hybrid application that can work like a web application and a mobile application too. Progressive Web Applications are versatile, compatible, and flexible in nature because they work well with web browser APIs.

Also, they have the ability to work even without the internet.

The technical aspect of PWA

Technically speaking, to make a web application a PWA, 3 features must be implmented.

  1. Secure contexts (HTTPS): Secure network is essential to go for PWA. If you implement a secure network it maintains trust in the public. And if transaction processes are involved, implementation of HTTPS is mandatory.
  2. More than one or at least one Service Workers: To control the process of network request and asset caching, a Service Worker is important. It allows developers to create reliable web pages quickly and also offers an environment to work offline.
  3. Manifest File: In order to generate an app-driven platform, a manifest file is important. The JSON file controls the appearance of the application and enables it to look like a native mobile application. Also, it has a URL, icons, and other required details of the application.

Why do users prefer Progressive Web Applications?

As we are actively working for overseas clients and hence we know the potential of PWA. We realize the demand for mobile applications, but many users do not prefer to download the app from the play store and update them regularly. Hence for that clientele, PWA applications are worthy because it offers them an opportunity to access an application via an URL. Further, we know mobile applications have given a boost to businesses, however, PWA applications cover the limitations of mobile applications and increase business awareness even more rapidly. Here are some leading Progressive Web Applications:

  • Twitter Lite
  • Uber
  • Flipboard
  • eBay
  • Pinterest

The ROI of PWA

Enhanced Business Visibility:

Visibility is directly proportional to business growth. More visibility brings more money. As we said earlier, through PWA, your users become able to access your product even through browsers.

Moreover, in the present time, many users do not want to update or download new applications always. Hence to cover those potential customers, PWA is the best method.

Moreover, applications developed in PWA are always powerful and offer maximum exposure to businesses.

More Business Revenue

Businesses are planned to earn a good reputation in the market. The implementation of PWA increases the profit margin of the businesses by a big difference.

Also, studies show that there is an increase of 76% in sales through browsers. From the figure, you can estimate the worth of applications developed using such an amazing concept.

Being a leading PWA service provider across the country, we also recommend our clients to go for PWA if they are looking to increase the traffic of their online product.

How can PWA increase your business ROI?

As a human tendency, we always try to follow the pattern of successful businesses in order to make our venture successful.

Here we are sharing the stories of two successful brands of the market and how they became a global leader with the implementation of PWA.

We all are quite aware of the world’s largest online B-2-B platform “Alibaba”. This online product is the most known example of ROI of PWA.

Also, the e-commerce company has utilized the potential of PWA’s concepts and lead online trading businesses. Furthermore, if we talk about history, Alibaba realized that lots of users shopped through browsers only.

Also, they have found that 51% of their users are not downloading the new features added each month.

Hence to strengthen their mobile presence, they have adopted the feature of PWA. And we all are evidence of their popularity, success, and revenue.

If we go for another example which is “Housing.com”, also a well-known brand in the market then we get to know the way progressive web app has changed its business value.

Their sale is increased by 38% with the implementation of PWA. Now, the brand is one of the glorious names of the real estate industry.

Hence by seeing the potential of these leading businesses, we can understand the worth of PWA. We all know, this is a technology-driven era and we should be aware of it. Only by being technology-friendly, we can sustain our names in the market.

Benefits of PWAs

Let’s have a quick look over the advantages that we can get after building our application as PWA.

Quick Resolution

We know, the number of mobile users is increasing rapidly with every passing second. However, there are some issues through which we all pass and we want quick resolutions. These issues are like:

  • Increased size of the application
  • Data storage problem
  • Low internet connectivity
  • Frequently updations

So, PWA resolves all these issues and users are free to access the product via browser. No need for worrying about data storage, internet connectivity, etc.

Increased client engagement:

As we know, PWA makes an application more flexible and accessible even through browsers. Also, it is quite user-friendly in nature. Hence users prefer to go on your product as a result, the engagement rate increases.

Also, PWA is the best method if you are looking to regain your customers. It also increases the reach of businesses in your preferred zone.

PWA works in offline mode

While using an application, if internet connectivity weakens, we all get worried. But this will not be the case if you are using PWA because it works while being in offline mode.

PWA eliminates the worry of low internet because it works as a background activity and has URL catching abilities. This versatile feature makes it in demand and versatile.

PWA acts as a Native Application

For those who prefer to access an online product through a mobile application, even then PWA is suitable. It offers the feel of a native application along with an awesome user experience.

Hence, we can say, whether it’s a web or an app, it satisfies all types of platforms.

No need for app stores:

Once we create any mobile application, we need an account on the play store in order to publish the application. This is not the case when we are working in PWA. Also, we need to have a regular update about the guidelines of the app store.

Sometimes ignoring them becomes a hassle. PWA applications do not need any kind of account on appl store as we access it through URLs just like any website.


Progressive Web Application boosts your business and takes it to a new level. Linearloop is one of the leading PWA companies across the globe. We have executed so many PWA-based projects for our international clients.

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Also, we always encourage building your online product using PWA. We are always here to guide you properly. Feel free to get in touch.



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